How are the HCG Drops made?

General information on how the HCG drops are made

The HCG drops are normally considered to be very powerful aid to anyone who is interested in losing his or her weight. The HCG is normally manufactured in three major forms. The first form was first used by Dr. Simeons and is a HCG injection. The second form is the sublingual HCG drop which is normally taken orally. The last form is the most recent form of the oral HCG drops which was manufactured via the homeopathic process.

The main question that most people normally ask themselves is how these three forms of HCG were made. HCG refers to a hormone which is normally being produced by the pregnant women. The HCG normally circulates through the blood stream of the females in enormous quantities. These HCG can be collected and dried and later turned into a powder which can easily be taken into your body. However, it has to be mixed with either the bacteriostatic water or sterile.

The Pharmaceutical HCG Drops and Injections

How does one create a dose of the Pharmaceutical HCG Drops and Injections?

First you need to take around 125 international units of the HCG powder and mix it with either the bacteriostatic water or sterile water. However, the mixing will always be done for you when you buy the HCG from a clinic.

Most of the people normally prefer buying their HCG products in powder form online and do the mixing on their own since it will be much cheaper compared to when you buy it from the clinic.

The HCG is always ready to be inserted into your blood stream provided it has been mixed with water. This can always be down by either injecting the HCG into your body using a needle or by taking into under your tongue in order to have it absorbed through the skin into the blood vessels. Taking it under the tongue is referred to as sublingual and it has to be done twice a day. This is because the HCG is normally absorbed each at a time.

The Homeopathic HCG drops

The Homeopathic HCG drops are normally developed by use of Homeopathic medicine principles. Most of the people are still not aware of what the homeopathy is. It is very important to first know what the Homeopathic HCG drops is and how they are made before you can start using it.

The creation of the Homeopathic HCG drops normally starts with a dose of the pharmaceutical HCG drops. This drop contains around 125 units of the HCG. It is very effective since it normally take extra measures to eliminate the side effects which might be cause by using the HCG while trying to retain its potency. This makes the Homeopathic HCG drops to have a much lower side effect. When ready, the Homeopathic HCG drops are taken under the tongue just like their Pharmaceutical HCG drops to be absorbed into the blood stream. These drops are normally considered to be very much effective when taken more frequently.



HCG Diet Advantages

Advantages of the HCG Diet

There are many weight loss products and dietary supplements in the market. There are also specialized diet plans (without the aid of supplements) that deliver weight loss results. T can be confusing for people, primarily because of the plethora of choice that is in front of them. They might not be able to make a decision about which plan to choose. Here is an explanation of why HCG diet is much better than most products/plans in the market.

Safe from Side Effects: HCG diet is not a supplement only weight loss plan. The problem with most of the supplement only plans is that the weight loss is chemically induced and there can be many side effects when you alter the body with the help of chemicals. You don’t have that problem with HCG. This hormone is a naturally produced inside the bodies and the supplement only adds on to the quantity that is already there. The effects of increased HCG hormones in the body also happens naturally during pregnancy. In effect the HCG supplement mimics a natural body process and there are no side effects, when its use is regulated. If there is an overdose of the hormone, it does cause side effects, just like any other medicine. Regulating the dosage is critical and the HCG diet plan does it well.

Combination Plan: There are some weight loss plans that are purely supplement based and then there are others which are purely diet based. There are pros and cons in each of these methods and more importantly, these plans do not work for all people. HCG diet plan is a combination of supplement intake and dietary restrictions. It takes the best of both worlds and combines it into a well defined plan.

hcg diet

HCG diet is very aggressive and forces people into a bare minimum, ‘just about there’ calorie food plan. This means that people will not be able to give their bodies excess quantities of fat. The HCG hormone helps in regulating metabolism and with this increased metabolism, he body burns off excess accumulated fat. These dual effects are unique to HCG diet plans and are the reasons for its effectiveness and popularity.

Proven Effectiveness: HCG diet plans have been around for some decades now. Over the years the plans have undergone some changes and tweaks but the foundation of the plan and principle behind its success haven’t changed at all. Millions of people have already used the HCG diet plans and are living examples of its success. Not many weight loss programs can boast of this kind of track record. We have to concede that there is some negative publicity for HCG diet plans, especially because of its aggressive food regimen. But so many people who have lived through the process and shown its effectiveness cannot be wrong.

Safe and Healthy Weight Loss: Natural hormone aided, diet induced weight loss is what HCG diet plans offer. When the body loses excess weight naturally, there is no chance of you regaining bad fat even if you regress back to some of your old habits (to a large extent). This is the only plan that gives you long term weight loss.