The basics of HCG Drops

Lab study of women during pregnancy leads to discovery of “fat burning hormone” that leads to rapid weight loss. And, what’s more, activating this mystery hormone is simple and requires no exercise or surgery.

Many well respected doctors are risking their medical standing and personal reputation to endorse what they call a simple solution “resulting in rapid weight loss and improved body shape”. The solution requires no exercise, no surgery, no prepackaged foods and no embarrassing weight-loss meetings.

  • This is not a “fad diet” that makes you give up your favorite foods.
  • This is not a “magic pill” sold by snake oil salesman on late-night T.V.
  • This is not an “exercise regime” that requires countless hours in the gym.
  • This is not a “diet solution” that forces you to buy their food products to work.

In the past, you were forced to adhere to a strict exercise regime, going to the gym daily only to be disappointed with how slowly you lose weight. More recently, there have been countless “fad diets” that make you give up all of your favorite foods and eat like a bird.

These diets leave you hungry, lightheaded and lacking in energy. Plus, you never feel full after you eat. The minute you stop their diet you put the weight back on. To make things worse, some make you eat their prepackaged food so that you have to keep spending money every week if you want to keep losing weight.

After going through this cycle – bouncing from diet to diet, solution to solution – eventually it begins to feel hopeless. You start telling yourself that you’ll always be overweight, so you might as well live with it. But the fact is being overweight is NOT your fault.

The real culprits are those “fad diets” and extreme exercise regimes. Neither one of these methods are realistic in today’s world. We all have too many things to do and not enough time to do them in. To lose weight today, you need a solution that fits into your current lifestyle and it has to be easy to do.

But how do you lose weight without changing your current lifestyle?

The answer was found during medical research of the female body. During pregnancy, the human body releases a unique hormone known as HCG. This hormone is incredibly important when it comes to easy weight loss.

Here’s why:

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and it is produced by the female placenta. Its primary purpose is to give directions the hypothalamus gland. The hypothalamus gland, in turn, regulates your thyroid functions, fat storage and metabolic rate.

So, in a nutshell, HCG drops tells the hypothalamus to increase your metabolic rate, burn any stores of fat and reel in thyroid functions. This funnels more useable energy into the body.

The effects of this process usually go unnoticed because a pregnant woman is “eating for two”. She naturally requires every bit of extra energy just to maintain her body and that of her growing child.

However, when the hypothalamus is activated when you are not pregnant…



  •  Because HCG Drops Work!

  • The Weight Loss is Incredibly Fast and Safe.

  • The Weight Stays OFF!

  • Vibrational HCG is Just as Effective as Injections.

  • 500,000 + Customers are Bragging About Their Weight Loss.


HCG drops are the leading method of weight loss in the US. In 2011 over 500,000 people lost weight on HCG drops. You may have heard about HCG drops from your Doctor, Chiropractor, personal trainer or your neighbor. The reason you’ve heard about it is because it effective, safe, and easy. Let HCG help you to shed unwanted and unhealthy pounds.

You deserve to be healthy and happy. You’ve probably tried many other diets that haven’t worked or that have and then you gained the weight back. HCG drops has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals and helped them to keep the weight off so they can lead healthy, happy lives.

The HCG diet was pioneered in 1950 and has gained steady momentum ever since. Since the year 2000, HCG drops have skyrocketed the HCG diet into a diet craze. HCG weight loss has been publicized on hundreds of TV shows including Fox News, NBC, Oprah, Dr. Oz and on CBS. It is also mentioned in Kevin Trudeau’s best selling book; The Weight Loss Cure, which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

fat loss achievementWHY IS HCG SO POPULAR?

The biggest reason for this explosive growth is that the HCG drops really WORK! Many customers are amazed at how quickly they lose the weight. They tell us they are excited every morning to get on the scale and see how much weight they’ve dropped.

Another reason for the contagious popularity is that the HCG Diet is considered to be FREE. The money saved on food spent in one week pays for their prodcuct. The other weeks are just money saved while the fat melts away.


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The basics of HCG Drops
What are HCG Drops? How did people find out about it? Is it really a fat burning furnace? Learn the basics of it.
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