Why buy HCG Drops instead of HCG Injections?

HCG drops and shots both tend to address the same set of health issues and offer the same solutions. If you buy HCG drops and shots from reputed manufacturers and credible resellers or websites then you would never be disappointed with the end results. However, given the huge difference in approach and finances involved, how do you make a choice between HCG drops and shots?

As aforementioned, both the approaches work well to get the desired results. The differences have to be assessed from other perspectives.

  • First, you can get cheap HCG drops. Albeit there are cheap shots or injections as well but the cheap HCG drops that you get are much lesser than what the cheapest shots would come at.
  • Most HCG shots are regulated and would be only available at a pharmacy upon offering a prescription. This requires anyone to visit a doctor. Consequentially, one doesn’t just end up paying more money for the HCG shots but also for the prescription. The cumulative savings made when you buy HCG drops would any day be more welcomed than the other.
  • Almost everyone who has used the shots has had some side effects. These side effects are not very adverse or permanent but they are effects nonetheless. Infection and pain at the site are the most common problems encountered. Irritability, lethargy or fatigue, a sense of restlessness and mood swings have been also regarded as very common. In many cases, not all, breast tenderness or enlargement has been observed. There are many possible side effects which are not only undesirable but also unavoidable. With HCG drops, infections, pain, depression and all such factors do not exist at all. It is a noninvasive approach and always easier.
  • Not everyone is accustomed or trained to administer the shots. With HCG drops you do not have the simple trouble of injecting yourself or someone in the family with HCG. It is easy to consume and can be carried around with ease.


All these advantages of HCG drops make it a much more popular option for innumerable people. You can get cheap HCG drops on websites, do not need prescriptions to buy HCG drops, carry them around and consume them easily wherever you are. It cannot get simpler than this. While how much weight one would lose in a fortnight or a month may vary among individuals, the debate of HCG drops and shots is rested.

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