HCG Drops Information and Benefits

Before getting on this type of diet, it’s always best to do research beforehand and get answers to questions like:

More info, benefits and usage of real HCG

HCG Diet Drops are what’s necessary if you are doing the HCG Diet, it’s a diet that promises that you can lose up to 1 pound a day. HCG stands for human gonadotropin hormone, which is a substance that helps prevent negative side effects when you are on an extreme diet. This diet is very powerful and unique and will really help you with losing lots of weight in a very short amount of time. The drops are what makes this diet, they are used so you can spike your hormones (one of the main hormones that gets a spike is testosterone which helps in muscle building and fat loss). Once you get a spike in hormones you will start losing weight very fast, while preserving muscle mass. That is one of the most wanted features of some of the best HCG Diet drops on the market, which will make you will lose lots of visceral fat, while making it possible to even build muscle while on this diet. There are several products which you should take a look at before deciding to buy. We have made a nice comparison for you so you can decide yourself which one will be the best for you.
what-are-hcg-drops-infographicHCG Drops stimulate the luteinizing hormone and can increase your testosterone levels as well as seen in the infographic above.

Are the liquid droplets safe to use?

Yes, is the simple answer. However what’s not safe is using this diet for a very long time, you should be taking breaks about every 2 weeks or so. We can easily try to sell you lots of different fake products and tell you to go on the most extreme diets, but that is not healthy for you and we made this site in order to educate people more about diets like this as well as recommend the top HCG drops available for purchase. Such dramatic weight loss can really shock your system. This is why it’s important that you get the real and authentic drops from the market available to you. Low calorie diets can be intense and they require strong determination. If you plan to use this diet for shorter periods of time, however, you will see incredible results.

How can you benefit from drops?

The benefits of HCG Drops are quite amazing.

As we mentioned before, they really help in muscle loss and you can expect to lose up to 1 pound a day. That means if you do this diet for 2 weeks you can lose 14 pounds! Click here to check out more info about the benefits of using the drops.

How to buy real drops?

  1. DO NOT Purchase from unsafe sources
  2. Choose Authentic and real HCG Droplets by looking at our chart
  3. Check out these site more often for better recommendations
  4. Read about the newest and best drops available
  5. The Walmart HCG Drops are not real
  6. Do not buy GNC HCG Drops!
  7. Get the strongest hcg drops available – HCG Complex

What to look at before buying hcg?


  1. You should always buy pharmaceutical grade hormone, because this is the purest and best form of human chorionic gonadotropin and you will benefit only from this. This website helps you find the best drops on the market.
  2. Always buy the drops that were made on US soil, never outside because you could get fakes and then wonder why you are not losing weight, if you want to learn which products have the purest human chorionic gonadotropin hormone then click here
  3. Only buy from real sources! Never from manufacturers which haven’t been approved by the FDA. In order to be safe the company you’re buying from must be FDA approved – it’s the only way you can know which are real. Follow out guides and charts in order to not mess this up and ensure you’re getting authentic drops.

What is the HCG Drops petition?

Please check https://www.change.org/p/topratedhcg-hcg-drops-what-are-they-and-where-to-get-them

How long will a bottle of real drops last you?

It all depends on the product you buy, if you buy a product that is approved by FDA than the bottle could probably last you up to a year. We strongly recommend looking at our top rated chart in order to find the best drops for you.

HCG Diet

What is the HCG diet and is it working? HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone the body produces while women are pregnant. It is now said that it can also make you lose lots of weight. This diet has become very popular lately, mostly because of the real drops and human chronionic gonadotropoin injections available for consumers.

It is said that if you go on a really low calorie diet the hormone will prevent you from feeling weak and you won’t even feel hungry! Patients have reported that they don’t get food cravings like before while on HCG (as long as you’re taking the real hormone), which gives them the freedom to eat very little and not binge. Quite the claim right? It seems like this HCG diet has it all to help someone get a real nice toned body without feeling all the side effects that come when you are on a really low calorie diet. This diet claims to help you lose up to a pound a day. That means in 30 days you could lose up to 30 pounds which would be really amazing!

However, the diet had some weird rules, it doesn’t allow you to exercise, you may not use any hygiene products, oils or body lotions, and you may eat only one vegetable per meal. But this is all in the past, there are proven ways now and much more beneficial to use the diet to it’s maximum. Dr. Oz now has a working protocol which has lots of proven studies and clinical trials, which means this method is safe to use. In his method you may exercise and you can eat anywhere from 500 up to 1500 calories in a day, as long as you’re taking the good drops in order to make sure you’re consuming a high quality product.

What droplets are the best this diet?

The truth is, the diet makes you lose weight but these Hormone Drops or Hormone Injections help that process and make you lose the bad weight, the visceral fat that is around your hips, in your thighs, stomach, chest, basically everywhere!

Why do we say the bad weight? Well, we do not want to lose muscle while loosing weight, we want to lose the visceral weight and no muscle. During weight loss, such as this one there are indeed lot of pounds lost, but lots of muscle as well. And when you lose muscles your metabolism, and your shape get a fall. And after that it’s going to take you lots of time to rebuild the muscle lost. When taking HCG you increase certain hormones in your body, such as testosterone and you get into a muscle building phase (anabolic state) that helps you increase your muscle mass while preventing your precious muscles to be used for energy.

Do HCG-based diets really work?

There is one question that comes to almost everyone’s mind and that is:

Do the Human Chronionic Gonadotropin based diets really work?

And here’s the answer:

The mainstream success has been dependable on some essential factors like:

  1. The determination that the dieter has to be willing to live by this rigorous lifestyle.
  2. The quality level of the droplets consumed.

To speak about the second factor, human chronionic gonadotropin products that are taken orally are being more and more recommended by doctors for the dieters to consume first, before they try any other forms of the HCG, because they show almost the same results, and if you consume the drops, you don’t necessarily have to have trips to the doctor’s office for merely a prescription, or consumption. The drops are much cheaper than the HCG injections and they certainly have less hcg drops side effects than the injections side effects.healthy-diet

There have been some critics who think that some dieters that follow this strict and rigorous diet achieve excellent results only because they are undergoing a very rigorous diet and consume only 500 calories a day and not a single calorie more. But, if they are right, this diet wouldn’t be anything but a crash diet and a very hard to go by diet. The HCG-based diets work in almost all the cases because this diet combines two main factors: the diet is greatly devised by the great Dr. Simeons, and the second is the pure diet drops themselves.pounds-and-inches-book

So here comes the question, do they really work?

Some critics and skeptic people have tried to discredit the diet, they have tried to scare dieters away from the diet, and they try to find some kind of reasons and factors that they think this diet will not work good and the dieters will just spend their money. However, they have been silenced with the results of the HCG dieters. There are some high quality HCG Diet droplets available on the market today. More than a hundred thousand people from around the globe have lost a tremendous amount of weight with this HCG diet successful. And they all encourage others to try it and not be afraid of the 500 calorie intake a day. When you see the marvelous drop in your weight you will be incredibly motivated and this can be really helpful. After being on this particular diet, many dieters say that they have been more in control and have an greater ability stay off unhealthy foods and keep their desired weight. Another positive side is that the hcg drops side effects are so low, they are practically non-existent especially if you are on the diet drops.

Speaking for the people who haven’t tried it, the only ensuring way to know if they work, is to give it a try themselves. Don’t forget to always consult with your physician or doctor before purchasing any diet drugs, but other than that, the previous results seem to talk for themselves. If you consider the other people’s experiences, it seems like you have no chance for failure and a great chance for success.

Dr. Simeons, who was an endocrinologist from England, recommended human chorionic gonadotropin or commonly referred to as HCG as a great dieting method based on a low calorie weight loss plan. It’s a hormone made by a fertilized egg after the conception process in pregnant women. Simeons occupied a large amount of his life to studying and researching overweight men who have pituitary problems and other pregnant women on low-calorie intake diets. He did his research by giving both genders a low dose of the extracted HCG hormone. According to the results of this research, both the overweight men and the women lost a significant amount of fat without losing their muscles.

Dr. Simeons was led to believe that the hypothalamus can be “programmed” by the HCG hormone of the pregnant women as a method to protect the fetus in the developing stage. This experiment was undertaken by increasing the consumption of over the line and abnormal adipose storages. It is also well known that HCG can help with fertility.

In the year of 1954, Dr. Simeons released the report that made his name famous. His book, “Pounds and Inches” was published with hope to contribute in the fight against obesity. While Dr. Simeons was in Italy, he spent much time researching at the Salvator Mundi Hospital. He suggested human chronionic gonadotropin shots, but to be taken on a daily basis with low dosage. That’s what we now consider the real human chronionic gonadotropin drops, a form of a “shot”, really. The shots are supposed to be combined with a strict very low calorie diet. The diet consists of the intake of decreased amounts of bad fat and carbohydrates, proteins, and other 500 calories on a daily basis. The main aim of the HCG-based diet is to eliminate the adipose tissue without losing any of the muscle tissue.

Some common concerns that were going on along the practice and research that led to the development of the HCG-based diet was that Dr. Simeons’ dieters didn’t have any symptoms which are often seen in patients that are undergoing a diet this rigorous and very low in calories. E.g. Dr. Simeons’ dieters have never had any irritation, stomach aches, nerve attacks, and headaches, because of the HCG hormone that was consumed along the low-calorie diet.


Some things that you should know about the diet are:

  • 125 IU should be consumed by the dieter, unless the dieter is on her period.
  • The dieter will have eat more than usual until he/she takes the third shot.
  • After the third shot, the dieter should start to consume no more than 500 calories a day. This process will have a duration of around 72 hours after the last shot has been injected.
  • The dieter is allowed to consume any kind of food for the next 21 days, not including sugar and starch.
  • However, the dieter is allowed to consume starches in very low quantities after the 21 days. The dieter’s weight is supposed to be monitored consistently.

Also, the HCG Diet has few advantages over the basic diets

60 years after the “Pounds and Inches” book was published, the popular and mainstream attentive invention of Mr. Simeons’s HCG-based diet is still being used by people that want to lose weight. Anyone can now get diet drops at some retail stores and supermarkets. And if they do a little research on the internet, they will find a great quantity of testimonials and proofs that will assure them of the efficiency of the HCG-based drops when they want to lose some wight and look better.
Drops vs Injections-Storage and Expiration

One of the issues that don’t come up in most of the people who are after purchasing either Human Chronionic Gonadotropin injections or drops is the issue of storage. Most of the people normally don’t ask themselves the following questions, where, how and the duration that these products can be stored?

There are three main types of weight loss drops:

  • Pharmaceutical pure real drops
  • Pharmaceutical HCG injections
  • Homeopathic pure drops

There are lots of factors which you must always consider before purchasing any of the HCG on how you will store them.

Pharmaceutical Drops and Injections

Most of the people who purchase these HCG are normally surprised by the various requirements needed for the storage of these Pharmaceutical drops and Injections. The HCG normally arrives as a powder which has to be mixed with either the bacteriostatic or sterile water. However, when using the bacteriostatic water, it is advisable to add some alcohol as a preserver. The HCG will always be destroyed with the slightest exposure to heat.

Storage of these drops and injections might not be a major problem to people who own fridges, however storage of HCG might be a major concern to people who spend most of their time travelling, working in offices or people with very busy lifestyles. For people with busy lifestyles of jobs, they can always survive by taking their human chronionic gonadotropin either early in the morning or late in the evening. For the people who keep on travelling, keeping their HCG refrigerated can pose a great challenge to them.

They are also known to expire much faster compared to other types of medications. There are some injections and brands which indicate that they can be kept safe for up to 60 days while refrigerated. However, most people normally discover their drops and injections start to lose their potency just after 30 days. Hence it is always not recommended that you purchase much of these products since the chances of some going bad will be high. In case you are ordering the drops or injections from a foreign pharmacy, you need to be sure on the quantity to order since they normally take some time before they arrive.

The Homeopathic drops

The Homeopathic drops are much simpler to deal with when compared to the Pharmaceutical drops and Injections. The Homeopathic Human Chronionic Gonadotropin drops do not have any special requirements for storage other than keeping them in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Again, this only works if we’re talking about real HCG drops, so make sure that’s what you’re consuming.

The very best drops also have a much longer shelf life and have the capability of being kept for up to five years without losing potency. With this product you can always feel free to order as much as you can to enable take multiple rounds of the diet. There are lots of Homeopathic HCG companies which offer a very fast shipping time can get your drops within two days after ordering them. Most people are said to prefer using the Homeopathic HCG  due to their storage advantage compared to the Pharmaceutical Real drops and Injections

TopRatedHCG helps you find the best HCG drops out there by reviewing and sharing information that is already available!

Omni Drops vs HCG

What are Omni Drops?

Omni Drops are basically real HCG Drops with the addition of a few vitamins. Nothing special, really.

You can see how people have recommended my site as their favorite here: https://www.quora.com/Where-do-I-buy-hCG-drops

Diets we recommend when you are using HCG supplements:

  • Keto Diet
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • PSMF Diet
  • Eating 500 Calories less than your maintance

How long until I see results?

It will take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to start seeing the first results. But, do not be discouraged because the results will come very unexpectedly!

Can Human Chronionic Gonadotropin give you anxiety?

Anything can give you anxiety if you are not careful with your thoughts.

Should you monitor HCG levels?

It is always recommended to monitor the levels of your hormones, especially when you are using an external source.

Can I use HCG for testosterone production?

Yes, as we mentioned before it is one of the main reasons people use the human chronionic gonadotropin and that is testosterone production. It has been proven that this hormone increases your natural testosterone levels.testosterone-levels

Is there an alternative for HCG Drops?

Yes, they are called omni drops.

5 Things we recommend before starting any diet or supplement:medical

  • Consult with your doctor
  • Check your health
  • Avoid crash dieting
  • Take before pictures
  • Measure your weight

What is my story with the Human Chronionic Gonadotropin hormone?

I was an overweight guy, with over 50 lbs of fat extra on my small framed body. Life was hard and I was depressed. I was looking weird and didn’t want to go outside because of that. I was doing lots of research on how to lose fat but nothing seemed to work because my hormones weren’t in sync.

It was terrible, life can be so hard when you are overweight. But, I came across the hormone called HCG. This is when everything changed for me. Since that day I have changed quite a lot. I went skydiving and had the best time of my life. I couldn’t do that before because of my weight. It’s very hard to move when you are fat.

Slowly, I started gaining back my confidence and doing all kind of stuff. And all of this is thanks to the lovely hormone and my diet. I love it. As a person I grew a lot these past years and that is why I created TopRatedHCG in order to educate people about the human chronionic gonadotropin hormone. Where to buy it, How to use it, and how to get it on discounts.


If you want to try these drops make sure you do all the research you can, just like I did. There’s plenty of info on this website. You can decide to use the HCG Diet with HCG. Or simply you can just go on a strict diet if you believe that is the way to go. However, make sure whatever path you choose in your life to stick to it and have fun during the journey. Losing fat is definitely not easy, but bit by bit you will change as a person and be able to do things you’ve never imagined before.

So we have finally given you an answer on one of the most asked questions https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-HCG-drops-on-the-market What are the best hcg drops on the market?

Benefits that come with weight loss:

Eating smart means losing fat properly.

  • Improved Health
  • Feeling better
  • Increased confidence
  • Better looks
  • More energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Feeling of self-worth


Please, do not let not having the discipline to lose the fat of your body ruin your life. Being overweight has many risks, from depression to health problems. Live your life to the fullest and never wonder what would happen if you did this or that. Make sure you live a life worth living.


Disclaimer: All this info has been written in order to help people choose the finest HCG available on the market as there are many confusions out there, we are not encouraging you to buy any product, this is your choice and you are the only one responsible for this. You should not consider this medical advice. If you are concerned about using anything related to HCG then you should consult a doctor.

If you have any questions make sure to contact us.

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