The HCG Hormone and Stubborn Fat

Can the HCG Hormone help with stubborn fat?

While we have covered plenty of topics on fat loss using the HCG Hormone, we haven’t really talked about the stubborn fat just yet. What exactly is this stubborn fat? Well anyone that has tried dieting knows that there are few places that is really hard to burn the fat from. This places carry that so called stubborn fat. And it definitely isn’t easy to keep it off. The stubborn fat is first to come, but last to go. Many times it can drive people insane. The areas that are the hardest to lose for most people are the love handles, the stomach, and chest for some guys. And there are times where you kill yourself with work, and you try to keep up with your strict diet, but at the end of the day it looks like you can never lose that fat.
The truth is, just like every other fat this stubborn fat can be lost as well, however for most of the time it just takes A LOT of effort, time and motivation. However, not long ago I have come across this book called the Stubborn Fat Solution where Lyle McDonald talks about losing the fat from this stubborn areas while keeping your muscles. In this book he particulary talks about the effects of Yohimbine on losing fat from this areas.

What is Yohimbine?

Yohimbine is a fat burning compound that really helps burn that last bit of fat effectively. It has become incredibly popular amongst bodybuilders and people looking to lose that last bit of fat, even some actors have said that they have been using it sucessfuly! It is recommended to use it in the morning in conjunction with LISS cardio for the best benefit. It would also be a great idea to stack yohimbine with HCG Complex, but be sure you read The Stubborn Fat Solution and follow the exact protocols and diet that Lyle McDonald recommends if you want the best results. These supplements can be great if used correctly.

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