Omni Drops Review – Benefits, Risks and our Diet Guide

Nowadays everyone seems to be talking about Omni Drops. If it sounds similar to you as HCG Drops, then it’s because they are. In fact, HCG Drops and OMNI Drops are incredibly similar. But, which of these should you buy? Which one is better? Before we get further into this, keep in mind that you might just be better off taking a look at our HCG drops comparison chart instead – they WILL get the job done and are a cheaper alternative, and one that’s been proven to work.

Simply put, omni drops are overpriced HCG drops with added vitamin B12, which you can just take as a supplement along with the HCG drops, such as HCG Complex themselves.

Furthermore, there simply aren’t that many reviews and user testimonials regarding the omni drops. While we do strive to bring you the most accurate and up to date information possible, there aren’t that many resources about the omni drops themselves, as well as the companies that manufacture them.

Anyway, before going further, let’s start first by saying that you should always be careful when buying new supplements. Do your research, consult your doctor and after you’ve done all that and you believe it’s the right path than go on and by the supplement.

If your goal is to lose 50 pounds for the 2018 summer, then forget about it. Simply put, there is not a single supplement out there that will help you lose that much fat. At most, you could lose 20 pounds and that is if you start today and follow a good, proven diet. Supplements such as Omni Drops or HCG Drops are there to boost your performance in the gym and help you lose more fat, however do not look at them as the magic fat loss pill.

Why are omni drops the latest “boom”

Omni Drops have been the latest boom in the fitness industry. People are recommending it, and everyone seems to be using it and getting amazing benefits/results from using them. However, is there more to it? What are they made of? What are the side effects of Omni Drops? How should you use them? Where should you get them from?

You should have the answers to these questions before you buy them and we are here to help.

Losing fat and gaining muscle is not an easy task. Plenty of people have failed trying to do it too quick and they get burnt out. Plenty of supplements out there are promising people fast fat loss and muscle building. Not only supplements, but there are also the obvious diets, there are tons of them! In fact, there’s also a special diet for using Omni Drops and it’s called the Omni Diet, again very similar to the HCG Diet.

We focus mainly on HCG Drops, however in this article we are going to discuss the benefits, risks and what exactly are omni drops.


In a world full of supplements there are some that stand out. That actually do something and help you achieve your goals. Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose fat or just stay healthy in general there will always be bad and good supplements.

So, we have talked about HCG Drops and the HCG Diet, but do you know that there’s actually something that’s called Omni Drops and the Omni Diet?

Probably not, it is not very popular and this supplement boom just came out recently.

Omni Drops are supposed to really help you in losing fat. They consist of homeopathic ingredients, natural that will help you in your fat loss journey. Similar to Garcinia Cambogia, HCG Drops and other similar stuff that were brought to popularity by Dr. Oz, nowadays we have the Omni Drops.

Omni Drops Ingredients

You see, Omni Drops consist of natural ingredients. Most of them are vitamins that help in the metabolic process. But, which ingredients does it actually have?

Although, many manufacturers do not list the ingredients of Omni Drops almost all of them consist of the following:

  • Vitamin B-12
  • Phospate
  • Magnesium
  • HCG

Vitamin B-12

This is a very well known Vitamin. You should already have this in your supplement collection. It is known that this particular Vitamin boost energy. It also boosts your metabolism especially if you are deficient in it.


This particular ingredient isn’t very well studied. However, there has been some research which shows that people who took Phosphate had lower body fat in correlation to those that didn’t at the end of the study.


One of the best supplements you can purchase for cheap money. Magnesium has plenty of benefits. From helping your body rest better to losing water weight. It does not help with losing fat, however by keeping your body well rested and not having excess water weight you will feel much better.

HCG (Human Chronionic Gonadotropin Hormone)

Now, this is what we believe is one of the best ingredients out there. Used by plenty of athletes and people who lift weights and are looking to get fit. Plenty of benefits of using HCG. It is a hormone produced by pregnant women in the placenta.

HCG in particular is used by thousands of people an has also been recommended by Dr. Oz.

Omni Drops, do they work?

People have been saying that they have lost ton of fat using them. This could be due to the HCG Hormone in this particular supplement. However, it should be noted that most people that are using Omni Drops are also on the Omni Diet which is a strict diet and will make you lose fat whether you use Omni Diet Drops or not.

Omni Drops, Should you use them?

There’s not dangerous in using the supplement. But, like with anything you should do it with caution and make sure you had a doctor’s thumbs up before you use it.

Instead, you might want to try HCG Drops because it costs less and HCG is the main ingredient in Omni Drops.

Omni Drops Side Effects

Similar to HCG Drops side effects, they can also have some side effects.

Side effects that could come from using the drops are the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Nausea

Are Omni Drops expensive?

Not really, however if you want something cheaper while getting very similar results check out the HCG Drops instead.

Do people get results using Omni Drops?

Yes, Omni Drops combined with the Omni Diet seem to give people some wonderful results.

Are Omni Drops the same as HCG Drops?

They are very similar, but Omni are actually just a slightly better version of HCG Drops.

Where can I buy Omni Drops?

At TopRatedHCG we recommend where you can buy the best drops and we take pride in our research.

The Omni Drops Diet Review

What is the Omni Diet and how to use it to achieve your goals?

omni drops dietApperently, the Omni Diet promises people to lose 12 pounds in ONLY 2 weeks. Tana Amen created this diet and she says it works wonders. This diet consists of mostly lean protein combined with plant foods. It’s supposed to help you get the health benefits and nutrients from the plant-based foods and get the fuel for your body through the protein. What this means is that you’ll be satisfied with the feeling of fullness, have better energy and the ability to become a fat burning machine.

The Omni Diet plan has 3 phases. The very first phase is very strict like on most diets. It’s supposed to detoxify you.

You can eat:

  • Eggs
  • Lean meat
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Coconut, Olive Oil, Almond oil, Grape Seed
  • Limited amounts of lentils and dried beans
  • Herbs and Spices that are fresh and dried
  • Maca Root, Pomegranate, Goji Powder

You shouldn’t be consuming anything else that was not mentioned above, including, but not limited to:

  • Sugar
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • Grains

During this diet you want to make sure you are taking enough Vitamin D, Magnesium, probiotics and your daily multivitamin combined with fish oil.

In phase 1 you should absolutely NOT consume alchocol. Even in phase 2 the alchocol consuming should be extremely limited or none.

You should exercise during this diet and have a full body workout at least 2 times per week.

Of course, your pocket is also going to feel this because of how expensive healthy foods are.

Does the Omni Diet work?

Simply put, yes. This diet does work. It limits you of taking most of the unimportant foods that are only for satisfaction. You replace these foods with a healthy diet combined with multivitamins and other beneficial supplements to the human body. As to how much fat you might lose during this diet, we can’t answer you that. It will depend on many factors such as you not cheating on the diet, exercising regularly and really trying to follow it as much as possible.

This is a healthy diet that will help you with some health conditions because you’ll be getting in shape and getting rid of all the bad food.

Omni Drops vs HCG Drops, which are better?

Let’s put it this way. Omni Drops are better, however you should know that they cost more money and the benefits you might get from the Omni Drops versus the HCG Drops would probably be not as noticeable as you might think. This is because the Omni Drops are really just HCG Drops combined with few more vitamins that will help your body recover and rest better. It really is your choice whether you choose the Omni Drops or HCG Drops, just keep in mind that whatever you choose you should consult with your doctor, and follow the guidelines of the supplement.

Omni Drops, our final thoughts

Plenty of supplements out there for fat loss. Should Omni Drops be the supplement you pick when losing fat? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on your preference.

People have reported that Omni Drops have worked for them. But, that doesn’t mean that they will work for you. Every person has a different body and a different metabolism. If you want to try Omni Diet Drops then try them. Make sure you read more on the side effects of this particular supplement and consult your doctor before you try the drops or the Omni Diet just to be safe.

I lost over 50 pounds using HCG Drops, however if I had used Omni Drops and if they were invented back in the day I don’t think it would’ve made much difference. In case you choose the HCG Drops than make sure you check quora’s FAQs on the best hcg drops on the market. Please note, whichever Drops you choose make sure you follow a good fat loss diet with it as well. You might check out the Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting or the Paleo Diet for this. Please, do not put your body through diets that are way too strict on your body. That is the best way to ruin your health. Instead, follow a well-proven diet that might give you slower results but at least gets you in better health, not worse from where you started.

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