Proper usage of the HCG Drops

The human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone gets produced by women during their pregnancy. Many studies throught the years have been done and scientists have declared that the hCG hormone does indeed help with weight loss. It helps control food cravings and it increases metabolism which makes it the prefect aid for fat loss. There’s a special diet made specifically for the hCG Drops. It’s called the hcg diet. When doing the hcg diet you will lose a lot of weight. Many people have reported tremendous fat loss. That’s right fat loss. Not weight loss. Your weight consists of fat and muscle. However with the proper usage of the best hcg drops you shouldn’t be having any problems with muscle loss, instead the hCG hormone helps your body to burn only fat as a fuel and not muscle. The bad thing about hCG is that people are uneducated about it and do different style diets that can harm them more then help them.

1. Follow an already proven diet when using either hCG Drops or hCG Injections.

People harm themselves with doing incredibly low calories and afterwards they say that the hCG hormone wasn’t working, when infact they destroyed their own hormones with the consumption of incredibly low amount of calories throught the day. This wrecks their metabolism and takes a huge hit on hormones such as testosterone and may even ruin your sleep. The hCG Diet has been made specifically for this hormone and you should take advantage of that!

2. Buy only the proven, best hcg drops!

There are lots of hCG products out there and you might definitely get confused as to what to buy and which hcg drops are the best. This is why we have made a comparison chart so that you don’t go through the trouble of buying useless stuff yourself. The ones we recommend are high quality and already proven that work. They are the best hCG Drops in 2016.

3. Know when to stop.

When people do diets such as the hcg diet while using hCG Drops or injections, they see all that progress and they get addicted to it. The truth is, that is definitely not the way to go. You wan’t to give your body time to recover from all the fat it has lost and to adjust itself. Dr. Simeons recommends that everyone doing the hCG Diet with hCG Drops should take atleast a minimum of 6 weeks to recover.

4. hCG hormone for fat loss is as good as your determination to it.

When you decide to use something like the hCG Hormone, make sure you stick to it unless you start seeing some side effects (which are pretty rare). You won’t see any results if you slack on your diet or if you are not taking the hCG hormone properly.

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