HCG Drops in 2017

As we all know HCG Drops are definitely something you should buy. They help on plenty of things. Whether raising your testosterone or helping you with fat loss, real hcg drops can be of an amazing use. Most people use hcg drops after a cycle. It helps you with boosting your body’s natural testosterone. The perfect tool for a PCT and a must have if you are feeling sluggish after a cycle. However, other than that, there are plenty of other benefits of HCG Drops as well. They help you lose fat, and people use it in combination with the HCG Diet.

There are plenty of HCG Drops on the market. But, not many are worth mentioning. This is why we have created the perfect chart to show you which hcg drops people have rated as the most used and gave them best results.


 Best HCG Drops Doctor #3 HCG Amino Plus #2 HCG 1234 #1 HCG Complex
 #3 HCG Amino Plus - Best HCG Drops  HCG 1234 Pure HCG Drops  HCG Complex - Real HCG Drops
Overall Rating:  77.4% 80.3% 98.8%
1. Effectiveness rating5 rating4 rating1
2. Results Speed Average Fast Fastest
3. Ingredients Quality Average High Superior
4. Product Safety Safe to use Safe to use Safe to use
5. Customer Service rating5 rating4 rating1
6. Customer Satisfaction 74.9% 80.1% 98.7%
7. Reorder Rate Average Good  High
8. Return Policy Risk Free Risk Free Risk Free
9. Success Rate 81.4% 79.3%  98.3%



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Are hCG Complex drops the best hcg drops you can use right now?

Are hCG Complex drops the best hcg drops you can use right now?

It isn’t easy to choose to right and authentic hCG Drops when you are trying to lose weight that’s for sure. There are so many options that you might get confused pretty easily of whats the best out there. There has been lots of fuss about the hcg hormone. And as you can see topratedhcg.com has tried it’s best to narrow the choice for you and give a detailed review. In our topics you can see that we praise hCG Complex a lot. But, it’s not like we haven’t tried it before and are just recommending you to use hCG Complex blindly. We and many other people have tried so many variations of the hCG hormone that we can safely say that hCG Complex drops, are the best hcg drops on the market today.

There really is a reason why we say that. product1-hcg-complex

  • Lots of people have reported great success with hCG Complex.
  • The amount of people that haven’t had success with hCG Complex is very small compared to other brands. And most of these people didn’t even use the drops properly.
  • Very high effectiveness, people that have tried hCG Complex reported that they have had great success even within the first 3 days of using it with the hcg diet.

However, when doing the hcg diet you have to be smart and try not to go overboard with it. Do not use it for prolonged periods of time because it could hurt you more then it could help you because it’s a very strict diet with very low calorie consumption. After all, being in such a big caloric deficit puts the body at risk no matter what kind of drugs you use.

Please, before trying anything like the hcg diet consult your doctor.

What is the best place to buy hcg online?

It is very hard to buy real and authentic HCG online. Lots and lots of fakes, and they are getting bigger by the day. The human chronionic gonadotropin hormone is a very useful asset to have if you are losing weight, however you DO NOT want fake hcg drops or injections. Finding online sources to buy hcg is a very hard thing. First of all, there aren’t many people that have been using hcg because it really is a weight loss miracle. Which is why it’s kept a secret from the average joe. In fact, not only hcg drops or hcg injections is not safe to buy from any source on the internet, it is pretty much that way about anything. You can never know if that source is real and if it’s selling you pure authentic drops or just something fake. After all, you’ll definitely know if the drops/injections were fake or not by the results you get. If they are real, you would be losing weight in no time, and if they weren’t you would get very frustrated and you’ll be thinking that the human chronionic gonadotropin hormone is not working, but in reality it was your source of hcg hormone that was bad.

What is the best place to buy hcg online?

  1. Choose already proven HCG Drops or Injections.
    Example: HCG Complex.
  2. Look at our chart here.
    We have made a great comparison for you.
  3. Our chart has great sources of authentic HCG Drops

If you buy from any of the mentioned sources you won’t make a mistake.

If you follow this guide, you won’t have any trouble using the hcg hormone for increasing your metabolism and speeding up your weight loss results. After all, the summer will be here pretty soon and if you have lots of fat to lose you better start as soon as possible. HCG may help you, but it sure needs some time as well!

How are the HCG Drops made?

General information on how the HCG drops are made

The HCG drops are normally considered to be very powerful aid to anyone who is interested in losing his or her weight. The HCG is normally manufactured in three major forms. The first form was first used by Dr. Simeons and is a HCG injection. The second form is the sublingual HCG drop which is normally taken orally. The last form is the most recent form of the oral HCG drops which was manufactured via the homeopathic process.

The main question that most people normally ask themselves is how these three forms of HCG were made. HCG refers to a hormone which is normally being produced by the pregnant women. The HCG normally circulates through the blood stream of the females in enormous quantities. These HCG can be collected and dried and later turned into a powder which can easily be taken into your body. However, it has to be mixed with either the bacteriostatic water or sterile.

The Pharmaceutical HCG Drops and Injections

How does one create a dose of the Pharmaceutical HCG Drops and Injections?

First you need to take around 125 international units of the HCG powder and mix it with either the bacteriostatic water or sterile water. However, the mixing will always be done for you when you buy the HCG from a clinic.

Most of the people normally prefer buying their HCG products in powder form online and do the mixing on their own since it will be much cheaper compared to when you buy it from the clinic.

The HCG is always ready to be inserted into your blood stream provided it has been mixed with water. This can always be down by either injecting the HCG into your body using a needle or by taking into under your tongue in order to have it absorbed through the skin into the blood vessels. Taking it under the tongue is referred to as sublingual and it has to be done twice a day. This is because the HCG is normally absorbed each at a time.

The Homeopathic HCG drops

The Homeopathic HCG drops are normally developed by use of Homeopathic medicine principles. Most of the people are still not aware of what the homeopathy is. It is very important to first know what the Homeopathic HCG drops is and how they are made before you can start using it.

The creation of the Homeopathic HCG drops normally starts with a dose of the pharmaceutical HCG drops. This drop contains around 125 units of the HCG. It is very effective since it normally take extra measures to eliminate the side effects which might be cause by using the HCG while trying to retain its potency. This makes the Homeopathic HCG drops to have a much lower side effect. When ready, the Homeopathic HCG drops are taken under the tongue just like their Pharmaceutical HCG drops to be absorbed into the blood stream. These drops are normally considered to be very much effective when taken more frequently.



Non-Homeopathic vs. Homeopathic Drops

When you first stumble upon oral HCG drops in the market, you might just find homeopathic or “hormone-free” products being offered and claimed to be as good as the real thing and even better. This is not true, although they might claim that they are just as powerful as the actual thing. Evaluations on them demonstrate that they contain no measurable levels of human chorionic gonadotropin although they frequently claim they contain the hormone. The term used, homeopathic, actually ensures that their HCG diet drops product has a little of the hormone that it is also immeasurable in any way. Buying these products is no different than going on a dieting plan without assistance from an unproven treatment whatsoever. According to several studies which have been conducted through the years, one thing is apparent, those getting the placebo and exercising lost only 25% of what the real HCG consumers lost. There’s absolutely no significant variation between placebos and homeopathic HCG diet drops. After the dietary plan is interrupted or stopped, the weight that they did lose will return extremely quickly. These consequences can be prevented only by taking the true hormone.

HCG Complex

When you compare these forgeries to non- holistic and HCG drops that are real, you will realize the answers are much better. These products like HCG Plus supply exactly the same high quantities of human chorionic gonadotropin you’d obtain from a clinical treatment via injections. It is not impossible to have the same results that are great with over-the-counter treatments as an alternative of pricey shots sessions and doctor trips. At this period only several products which provides consumers with HCG diet are pure drops. Not one of the products on the internet could be trusted for purity and safety, although there may be the other American products that guarantee effective results and no side effects. HCG Plus is produced in the United States and contains clinical doses of the hormone. It is an unfortunate truth that many individuals are still victims to these forgeries out there, whether they are not homeopathic or something else. Oral HCG drops can offer the exactly same great results as the injections in a lot of different cases. The drops are set under the user’s tongue and kept there for a minimum of 30 seconds, and repeated around three times daily. This way, the drops are transferred directly to the bloodstream via the soft tissue lining within the tongue.

Best HCG Diet Drops

HCG Diet

There are a lot of products on the market that are based on the HCG hormone diet and I mean a lot. You must take a moment to carefully research and choose the perfect product for you. There are a lot of products that are considered illegal, but be careful because it’s not like they will but it on a banner. What is even worse, they will try on every possible way to slip it in your pocket and take your money.

Another thing is that you must choose on a form in which you are going to take the HCG in. There are drops and injections. Many people will choose the drops because of the fear of needles, and they won’t be making such a bad choice. The drops are considered to be better. They are more effective, cheaper and less painful.

Many of the products will guarantee a money back guarantee and that is a very good thing, because you can try the drops and then, if you don’t feel any changes or if you experience some bad side effects, you can return them and get your money back.

There is no need to spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on weight loss products because if you look from a manufacturer’s point of view you will see that it is a very competitive market and they are all trying to grab your attention and take your money. So, before you make a quick decision, let them fight over you. Do a little research and see where that takes you, from which manufacturer will you buy. An easy search on the internet will render a great deal of businesses, products, reviews and critiques. A website or any blog you are reading should have an instruction manual and inform you of all the facts and possible negative side effects. Additionally, directions regarding the product need to be briefly explained. The instructions need to include the basics of the diet and its implementation. It is vital to see that the diet is very powerful and it’ll generate sensational fat loss leads in a short period of time. However, this is only possible if you adhere to diet’s directions. On the other hand, utilizing dieting directions that are inaccurate is not unlikely to make your purchase useless. Thus, an evaluation that is good ought to list merchandise or assisting information which is included together with the purchase. All substances which might be supplied together with your product need to characterize the particular dosage directions.

We have made list of the best HCG Products, you might want to check it.




#1 HCG Complexproduct1-hcg-complex #2 HCG 1234


#3 HCG Amino Plus


Overall Rating: 98.8% 80.3% 77.4%
1. Effectiveness stars rate 5 stars 3.5 stars 3
2. Results Speed Fastest Fast Average
3. Ingredients Quality Superior High Average
4. Product Safety Safe to Use Safe to Use Safe to Use
5. Customer Service stars rate 5 stars 3.5 stars 3
6. Customer Satisfaction 98.7% 80.1% 74.9%
7. Reorder Rate High Good Average
8. Return Policy Risk Free Risk Free Risk Free
9. Success Rate 98.3% 79.3% 78.8%
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How can the HCG Drops help in weight loss?

HCG Drops and how they can help you lose weight

The founder of the HCG diet is Dr. Simeons and he was the first researcher to study the HCG hormone and its effects when combined with a low calorie diet can be a great way to lose a tremendous amount of weight in a short period of time. He was in India at the time when he was preforming a research on pregnant women when he concluded that the HCG hormone levels which are highly elevated in pregnant women can be a great solution to obesity. He presented all his research and published them as a book which is called “Pounds and Inches”. The book is sold worldwide and has attracted a great amount of attention.
Here’s little more info by Dr.Oz
The HCG hormone can work in many ways. First, it can increase the metabolism of the human body so that the food can flow through the body quicker and burn more and more fat. Second, while you are on the HCG diet the brain will often steer you away from the high calorie foods and towards the lower calorie, much healthier foods. Hence, you will still be able to lose some weight even if you have stopped with the diet for a while. Finally, the diet keeps the muscle from losing itself and it targets only the cells where the fat is stored.
The duration of the diet depends on you, as only you understand simply how much weight you intend to lose. One container of HCG drops (1 oz) helps in dropping around 11 to 19 lbs. The time it takes is approximately a month. Therefore, if you wish to lose 50 lbs then we highly recommend following the diet for a minimum of 2 months in a row. Yes, you need to follow in a row as just then you will not be unable to lose excess weight. Before beginning your HCG diet plan, please accordingly determine just how much fat is needed to be dropped and for the length of time you want to follow the dietary plan.

Benefits Of The HCG Diet

HCG Diet

What are the benefits of the HCG Diet?

Any review you are reading about HCG drops should not market a specific product. Ideally, it should provide information that is fair and impartial about any of the products on the market. The most a web site can do is to compare several products and recommend one, but the decision on buying is entirely yours. This is actually the easiest approach to make sure that all advice you’re obtaining is not false. You must know that the HCG diet is available in various forms. Yet, the HCG diet drops are still typically the most popular form currently on the market. Consequently, before investing your hard earned money, it’s wise to read authorized HCG drops or injections reviews. The info you get may be of a great help in finding the finest products from reliable businesses and web sites. You will notice that the HCG diet is pretty strict when it comes to eating and dosage of the HCG to make the diet effective. Usually, the subjects taking the drops have around 500 calorie intake daily and this should not be exceeded by many calories to get the outcomes that you want. Previously, it had not been easy for the consumers to get actual, lawful, non-homeopathic HCG drops. But today, it is not impossible to see genuine HCG drops that provide results that are same as the injections and even healthier and with less negative side effects.
HCG Diet

Among the benefits of the drops are the instant results that you get. In reality, the results are noted compared to other diet products that take weeks to even notice the results. With the HCG drops, even in the very first days of use, your physique will start to feel lighter. This can inspire you and motivate you to take even more precautions to lose weight. Another thing is that you won’t feel constant hunger and you will not feel the need to eat for a longer period of time. This makes the HCG drops the best alternative for those who have busy lifestyles and who desire to lose a large amount of weight in a shorter period of time. You’ll be able to use the drops without worrying about dropping muscle tissue, or other important parts of the body. The HCG targets only the fat. This is possible, as the hunger is eliminated by HCG hormone. It is not a must to combine the drops with exercise. The outcomes are not impossible without exercise and you mustn’t change your current lifestyle. Lastly, using the HCG drops is an economical and a healthy method of losing weight.

You can also check videos about how other people are doing this diet, here’s an example: