Rapid fat loss, should you do it?

As the summer is approaching people are looking for various methods to lose fat and trying different types of supplements. What they do not understand is the fact that this significantly damages their health, sometimes the damage can be permanent. When people try crazy, extreme diets they damage their health to a certain extent. Certain hormones can get out of control and make your life miserable. These extreme fat loss diets are no good for anyone. Men do it, but women are the ones that go to the extremes when trying to slim down. Looking good doesn’t mean being healthy.

When trying to lose fat people should aim to lose a maximum of 1.5 to 2 pounds per week. Anything more will be bad for the hormones and the body. You will also lose muscle mass if you eat a huge calorie deficit.

However, sometimes you can optimize your diet so that it includes all the necessary vitamins and micro-nutrients. There’s a diet called PSMF or protein sparing modified fast made by Lyle McDonald which is basically rapid fat loss diet but with muscle sparing properties and prevention of health damage. This diet can be great if done properly and it can result in huge fat loss, however if not done correctly it can make a skinny fat twig. You can lose lots of fat in small amount of time which is perfect for a summer transformation. However, this PSMF rapid fat loss diet shouldn’t be done for an extended period of time.

There have been great images of people doing this diet with incredible results. When they lose all the fat and the muscle gets preserved they get a great summer beach body. Anyone that wants to try the PSMF diet should read the PSMF handbook where Lyle McDonald, the creator of the diet has written everything and anything you need to know when doing this diet. From the amount of protein you need to every vitamin you will need. Just make sure you follow it as strict as possible.