The truth behind Omni Drops

Everyone has been asking me lately about my opinion on Omni Drops. So, here it is. My personal review on Omni Drops. Have I tried them? Do they work?

First and foremost, I was really impressed by the number of people contacting me about Omni Drops. I got over 200 emails from people asking me about Omni Drops and the Omni Diet.

I have to say, I didn’t think that this supplement was so popular, however when I really looked into it I realized why. Omni Drops are incredibly well marketed and they seem to work. But, I do believe that they might be slightly overpriced. If you compare Omni Drops to regular HCG Drops they are very similar.

However, Omni Drops do have one slight difference. They are loaded with vitamins. In my opinion, everyone should have a daily multivitamin because they are loaded with benefits. I believe that Omni Drops are indeed, a better version of HCG Drops. But, are they worth the price? You could just buy HCG Drops and combine them with the same ingredients that are in Omni.

What exactly do Omni Drops consist of?

  • Vitamin B-12
  • Phospate
  • Magnesium
  • HCG

You see, if you bought Phospate, Magnesium and Vitamin B-12 separately and combine them with HCG you are going to have pretty much the same results.

What I realized losing 50 pounds was that if you buy each vitamin separately instead of purcashing it all together you get much better value for the money. This is for the people that don’t mind having 5 different supplement bottles of course.

I just wrote a very well researched article about Omni Drops and the Omni Diet on TopRatedHCG. I want you to read it and let me know what your plans are. Would you use Omni Drops or buy it separately. Oh, and please let me know about your results.

Bob Hodge

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