What I learned losing 50 pounds

There are many overweight people. People that don’t know how to control themselves in the kitchen and everywhere in general. I was one of those. I was overweight by 50 pounds. I was feeling ashamed and didn’t like going out. Life was terrible. There are activities that I wanted to do, but was not able to because of how I looked and how I felt walking outdoors. I myself know how terrible it can be to be overweight. So, I taught myself how to lose weight. I had a few tries from before, where I didn’t really know the important things that I needed to have and know in order to lose the ugly fat that was on me. By doing a lot of research on daily basis, learning how to calculate calories and buy the best supplements that were actually proven to work I finally managed to lose a few pounds.

Just by losing half of the fat I had I was already in the best shape of my life. I felt better. I exercised on daily basis. I learned how to control what I eat and to not let sugary stuff, or short term satisfactions impair my long term success. This is the most crucial thing you can have when you are losing fat.


Being able to be self-disciplined will bring you success in any area in your life. Not just, fitness and health. But you will be able to build wealth beyond your imagination. Instead of buying the cookies from Walmart, learn to look on the other side and purchase the green veggies and the steak that will fuel your body.

If you don’t have self-discipline in your life then you should learn it. Just like anything else, you can teach yourself how to be self disciplined to achieve your goals. There are plenty of people who’s health will improve just by their willpower and self discipline. Make sure you are one of them. Also, please don’t start exercising just for the summer. Make that your habit. Make eating healthy your habit. This way you will learn to appreciate life a lot more.

What good is the gift of life if you can’t move through it the way you want? What good is it if you keep your head down when you are walking instead of standing tall and conquering whatever obstacle come your way?

Long-term success over short term satisfaction

This should be printed on your brain. You should never let short term satisfaction ruin the goals you have in life. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to keep moving forward and you may hit a wall, but try throwing more stuff at that wall and something will eventually stick.

Long-term thinking is how people can achieve any goal. Always go for the broccoli over the cookies. Period.

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Bob Hodge
Life can be hard and you can hit a wall. Make sure you are prepared when that happens. Learn how to make the right choices.
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